Apr 10

Santander Mortgage: Catering Both First Time and Existing Buyers

Whether you are a first time buyer or existing buyer, the Santander Mortgage is more than just willing to assist you in your mortgage needs. If you do not know what this company can offer, then this article is definitely the perfect one to read. It will discuss about the deal that the company offers to borrowers. Aside from that, it will also be discussed why it is one of the best mortgage companies in the country. So, read the article and be aware of what they can give you.


Why Santander Mortgage Is In the List of the Best Mortgage Companies?


There are so many mortgage companies in the whole world. However, only a few of these companies are listed as one of the best mortgage companies across the globe. The Santander Mortgage is one of these. What makes it the best?


The best thing about this mortgage company is that it is guaranteed that you are in the safest hands. This company has been operating for more or less 160 years already. So far, the feedback of the borrowers and clients are all good. The satisfaction of their clients is one of the best proofs that can indicate how well this company is when it comes to mortgage dealing.


What Can They Do For First Time Buyer?


If it is your first time to buy a home, then you are very lucky that you fond the Santander Mortgage company. This company provides complete information to the first time buyers so they will be able to understand the flow of the mortgage loan perfectly. This will also let the borrower know their responsibilities and the possible things that might happen if they won’t be able to take their responsibilities seriously. Before are the things that the mortgage company can offer for the first time buyers:


1.)    Moving home

2.)    Buying the client’s first home ever

3.)    Remortgaging to the company


To serve the clients better, the company made it sure to provide free calculator tool. This will help individuals to determine easily how much money they can borrow from the company. The result or answer is immediately shown. There is no need for an hour to wait for the assessment. A few minutes is enough to determine how much the company will lend you.


What Can They Do for Existing Buyers?


Do now worry. The Santander Mortgage company does not only cater to first time buyers. They also cater the needs of those who are existing members. The things enumerated below are the things that they can do for the existing buyers.


1.)    Moving into their brand new home

2.)    Transferring to a completely different deal

3.)    Borrowing additional money


If you are in need of any of the above, then it is best to work with this mortgage company. If you are hesitant about their interest rates and other fees, then you are free to search the internet and compare the interest rates and monthly dues you are obliged to pay every month after signing that mortgage loan contract.


Feb 04

Insuring Your Valuables

Many people think that there valuable possessions such as expensive art or jewellery is covered as part of their contents insurance and this is not the case for most of us so here is what you need to do to ensure your valuables are covered.

Firstly make sure you have a recent valuation of the item and then either check your policy or contact your current insurer and ask them specifically if your item is covered if it is great if not then you need to shop about for a quote to ensure your items are covered.

You need to get the item insured for the valuation placed on the item and this can be expensive especially if you cover the item for being lost while outside which is often the case with jewellery.

Most contents insurance policies have limits on individual items and other clauses which can leave you very disappointed if you have to make a claim and this is the reason you need to ensure that these valuables are covered separate or are specifically included in your policy.

Make sure your valuation is acceptable by the insurance company otherwise you could also end up with issues with them if you have to make a claim.

Insuring your valuables should be done correctly and everything should be disclosed to the insurance company and in writing so as to avoid any disputes if a claim arises as more and more insurance companies are looking for loopholes and excuses not to pay out on valid claims.

If you have a current valuation and put all the details in writing to the insurance company then this should help reduce any disputes in the event of a claim.

Make sure your valuables are safe and properly protected at all times and follow these simple steps to help protect them.

Apr 25

Never deal with the Banks on the phone if you have a ppi claim

PPI Call Me Back: The Ideal Initial Transaction for Claims

Filing for mis sold ppi claim can be difficult for some individuals. The good thing is that banks and claims firms have come up with a service called ppi call me back. This service instructs you to fill up an online request form and to submit it right away. The company will process your request and then assign an advisor to call you. The advisor studies your online request and when you get the call, all your questions can be answered accurately. The service is quick, accurate and most of all with a personal touch.

It is Ideal for the Initial Phase of the Transaction

The initial phase of a transaction may be the most difficult. This is due to apprehensions that individuals have in their minds. The service called ppi call me back is so ideal for the initial phase of the claims transaction or any transaction for that matter. It takes away the apprehension of the customer and allows the company good insight into what the customer really wants. The company can then have enough time to do research and to answer questions and objections prior to customer contact. When the call is made, the transaction is smooth and easy.

It is Good for the On-going Phase of the Claim

The fact that the transaction is on on-going does not discount the effectiveness of ppi call me back service. There may be times that the phone lines are busy and the customer cannot make a connection for an important concern. The customer can then fill-up a call back request, stating the nature of the concern. This saves time and trouble for both the customer and the company. The company can give out good customer service later and the customer gets to make the call back request, with the assurance of a future answer.

It is Excellent for Making Follow Up on Claims Payment

Transactions have a life-cycle. The first is the initial phase, then the on-going phase. The last phase of the transaction, the claims payments phase still needs ppi call me back service. With very little manpower in proportion to the number of claims, the company can be hit by a deluge of phone calls, emails and SMS. The call back service can be very helpful in times like these. The customer can be updated on the status of the claim payment through the call back service. Nothing beats such a kind of customer concern.

While the call back service is very ideal for the initial phase of the transaction, it has other uses. The service can be vital during the on-going phase of the transaction. The on-going phase is where there are lots of concerns and apprehensions. This may probably be the transaction phase where many requests are made. Customers have concern about the requirements and other things related to their claim. They want to know the feedback, whether they got negative feedback or positive feedback. A positive feedback is refund in the making. All of this is possible with ppi call me back.

Apr 04

Have you been missold investment bonds in the past

Missold Investment Bonds: Some Obvious Reasons For Mis selling

Every individual desires to invest in something and earn from it. This is why investment bonds are so appealing. It is positioned in between a bank account product and a stock market product. But why are there mis sold investment bonds? If they are safe and appealing, why is there rampant mis selling? The reasons have more to do with the investment broker than with anyone else. They are responsible for explaining and selling the product. If the product sucks and is mis sold, it is never the fault of the customer. There are obvious reasons for mis selling and they are discussed below.

The Investment Method is Not Adequately Explained

Investment bonds works like a bank deposit account but it is not. It earns like stocks in the stock market but it is not. In investment bonds, you invest your money and the bank or investment house fixes a minimum rate of return for your investment. Your investment is also invested somewhere else by the investment house. If your investment does well and earns more than the rate of return promised, the bank or investment house can hold the excess and apply it during the time that your investment does not do well. This process, often termed smoothing is done upon the advice of the bank’s actuary. If the broker does not explain this to you, the transaction becomes mis sold investment bonds.

The Investment Maturity Date is Not Given Emphasis

Your investment bond has an investment maturity date. The shortest maturity term is five years. The investment broker must explain it to you. Adequate explanation is needed so that the transaction cannot be treated as mis sold. Otherwise you might treat the investment like a regular bank account and it becomes mis sold investment bonds. You cannot withdraw your entire investment before the maturity date. However, the bank allows you to withdraw a certain percentage of your investment income. It is not taxable as long as it does not go over the maximum amount, as determined by regulators.

The Investment Termination Policies Are Not Discussed

Missold investment bonds can happen is the investment termination or withdrawal process is not explained. Elderly customers often have cash emergencies. This being so, the broker must explain adequately that an early withdrawal will subject the investment bonds to early penalties and a market valuation adjustment. If the customer insists on withdrawal the investment prior to the maturity date, then the investment can be substantially decreased due to the penalties and charges.

Some reasons for mis selling are so obvious and it is not the customer’s fault. Customers usually abide by what the investment broker tell them. It is the job of the investment broker to explain adequately the investment bond product. If the customer did not make an informed choice due to lack of adequate product information, this can be a basis for a claim later on. The reason there is a lot of mis selling with this investment product is that, brokers focus more on their commission than on allowing the customer to understand the product. What follows is mis sold investment bonds.

Mar 14

MBNA PPI Claims are on the increase across the UK

MBNA PPI Claims: Claims Allocation May Be The Best Option

Most banks and lenders are hit by mis selling. MBNA PPI claims is no exception. It has been hit by a lot of mis selling. The best option may be to have a claims allocation like what some banks have been doing. Some banks have allocated a whopping 750 million pounds to prepare for claims. With a decision to set aside a claims allocation, everything related to claims may come smoothly for the bank and for the consumer. Some reasons why a claims allocation may be favorable to all parties are presented below. They do not contain all the reasons but the reasons that are favorable to both parties.


The Allocation Can Address All Claims

An allocation by MBNA PPI claims will help address all claims. During the early years of ppi claims, most banks and lenders had to purposely reject many claims due to the reason that they are afraid, they may not be able to accommodate the claims. A cash allocation specifically for claims will help address all the claims that are filed. Claims that have merit and that pass the claims review committee can be addressed immediately. In the event the claim is approved for refund, it will not be a problem for the bank. An amount has been allocated for the specific purpose.

The Allocation Can Help Review All Claims

The claims review is the most difficult step in the claims process. This is where claims are rejected or given a positive response. If there is an allocation by MBNA PPI claims, the process can be easier for the assigned department. Reviewing claims will not contain any bias since there is no restriction as to the allocation for claims refund. The allocation will certainly take care of whatever is the result of the claims review. Every claims that passes the claims review and given a positive response can be placed in line for future refund. The allocation for claims will handle all of this.

The Allocation Can Assure Compensation

With a big cash allocation, MBNA PPI claims can have the assurance of future compensation. Every valid claim that passes the review committee of the bank and those that receive a favorable response can have an assurance of compensation. The consumer will not erase from his mind the thought that he may or may not receive compensation. There is enough allocated funds for approved claims. This will put the pressure of the bank and put the consumer at ease. This will also place claims that are channelled to the FSA to the minimum. As long as your claim is valid and you follows the guidelines issued by the bank, your claim may be refunded faster than you expect.

Claims allocation may be the best option for the bank to recover from missold PPI. Many banks have been successful due to a claims allocation and it can be duplicated if it is done the right way. Claims allocation can help address all claims. It can also give assurance to both the bank and the consumer that everything will go on as expected. Allocation is the way to go for MBNA PPI claims.

Jan 31

Pension Advice: Where to Get It

When pension advice is difficult to get, where do you get it? This is a question in the mind of many workers. They need pension advice that is independent, honest and unbiased. Of course you can’t get it from a company pension compliance officer. You can’t get it from a pension broker also. So where do you get such pension advice? The fact that we are in the information age, gives us ample reason to get advice ourselves by doing research and reading curated content regarding pension programs and schemes. For many individuals, this is not enough. They need something more concrete and reliable.


You Can Get It From Consumer Watchdogs


For many individuals, the best place to get pension advice is from consumer groups and consumer watchdogs. The reason is obvious. These groups are consumer oriented and have the interest of the consumer solely in mind. They will tell you if it is beneficial for you and tell you if it is disadvantageous for you. They also have enough materials and actual case studies compiled through the years that can help them give you the best advice. They also possess an extensive database that can be used to shed light on unusual issues. Some of these consumer watchdogs can be accessed online, while some have offices that you can visit.


You Can Get It From Specialists


The area of pensions is populated by pensions specialists. You can get pension advice from firms and individuals who are into this specialty. Some of them are solicitors, while others are former workers of regulators and pension departments. They are also knowledgeable about the intricacy of company based pension and the personal based pension programs. The only difference between specialists and consumer watchdogs is that you may have to shell out money for the specialist fee. Most consumer watchdogs offer their services for free.


You Can Get It From Regulators


Regulators, many believe, are the best source of pension advice. Since they hold the keys to what is legal and what is not, what is fair and what is not, you ought to visit them if you want the best advice. The FSA and the Pension Regulatory Service are offices that you can inquire and visit. These regulators have an online service wherein you can ask questions. On certain days, there is an interactive portion, wherein you can ask and the answer is immediate. It is still good though, to get information from consumer watchdogs, aside from regulators.


Whether you are still working and contributing to your pension fund, or you are just receiving your initial paycheck, pension advice is very critical. You need to find out if you are contributing for something that can benefit you in the future. Such advice can help you evaluate whether your pension program is indeed suitable. It can also help you evaluate whether what you are now receiving is decent and you have not been mis sold in the first place. With three areas of expertise to consult, you can get the best pension advice there is.

More help and advice visit http://missold.info

Dec 06

Regulated Claims Activity

When it comes to PPI claims, some sectors believe that doing it alone is not that effective. Doing it with a partner is more effective. Payment protection partnership Glasgow does just that. Like any partner, it protects your interests so that you can proceed with your claim in the right direction and get your refund at the designated time. You must be aware that a partnership such as this is a regulated claims activity. Not anyone can present himself to be your partner in this quest regarding your PPI claim. Your partner must not only be qualified but registered and regulated.

Payment protection partnership Glasgow is regulated by the Ministry of Justice. As such, it is a qualified, registered and regulated partner. You have the assurance, not only of expertise in the field of mis sold PPI claims, but you also have the assurance of integrity in the conduct of the transaction. There are many firms and individuals who offer you a similar kind of partnership. The only problem is that they may not be regulated and you will be a victim of excessive fees and a failed claims transaction. One of the distinguishing marks of a regulated partner is that during your initial meeting, the issue of regulation is always presented first to you.

In partnerships such as these, the usual procedure is a “no-win, no-fee” arrangement. It means that if you do not get your refund, you do not have to pay anything to the payment protection partner. You will recognize a regulated partner, because they will stick to the arrangement. Those who are not registered and regulated ask something else, aside from the final fee. They usually request for an upfront fee and disguise it by giving it names like mobilization fee or engagement fee. This is simply not allowed by regulators.

Regulated partners can also be recognized by their methodology. They do not rush into the transaction. One of the methods that help you recognize a regulated partner, is that they conduct an interview and evaluation, to determine if indeed you were mis sold PPI and if you have a valid claim. Those who are not registered nor regulated, just let you fill up all those forms, ask for an upfront fee and tell you to wait for your claim result. This is a dubious kind of method because, you may not have a valid claim and you have paid already in advance.

A regulated claims activity is very important for the protection of the consumer. If payment protection partnerships are not regulated, a lot of consumers can be victimized by those who present themselves as partners but are only after the upfront fees. If you decide on a partner, make absolutely sure of their integrity and their regulated status. You will encounter less problems with a regulated partner. It does not mean everything will be problem free due to the fact that every claim entirely a different transaction. Nevertheless, you have more chances of a refund with payment protection partnership Glasgow.