Sep 17

How to protect your income

Most hard working people in the UK faithfully insure their life, car and house insurance so that if something goes dramatically wrong then all their prized possessions and loved ones are looked after and taken care of.

However what if your main source of income was to disappear overnight through an event like illness or injury.  How would you cope financially and what if you could no longer afford your car or your house or your life insurance.

What if your family had to struggle financially if you had to cancel your life insurance and then you died?  How would that make you feel?

So why is it that so few people in the UK insure their income.  Without income then we cannot afford any of the luxuries mentioned above and when you think that for a small monthly premium to insure yourself against loss of income will not cost you any more than a night out with friends then we really all should look at doing this.  Income protection could help to pay for your mortgage, rent, household bills, child or school care, any loan repayments that you have to make or just to help with the general living expenses that come with running a home.

There are many reasons why people don’t insure their income and we can look now at a few common reasons for not doing this

  1. I am fighting fit and healthy and I have never been off work for a day in my life. This might be the case however accidents can happen at any point in life and just because you haven’t been off work up until now then it doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen.


  1. I have excellent sick pay from my employer in that they give me 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay and I know I will not be off for longer than a year. Although the sick pay benefits from your employer are a benefit to you, there is no guarantee that you will not be off work for longer than a year.  Let’s say you were in a near fatal car crash and you had broken both your legs.  You may not return to work for 2 years.  Will you be able to cope financially once you start to receive SSP (Statutory Sick Pay), currently £86.70 per week.  This is the question that you must ask yourself


  1. Some people will say that the Government or State will look after them. Research would show a different opinion.  Of all Employment and Support Allowance Claims made only 25 % of claims are successful and If you are then they only pay £100.15 a week currently.  Could you survive on that.


So in conclusion protecting your income is one of the main areas you should look at when protecting you and your family.  If you don’t then it may end up costing you more in the future and you may end up losing the things that you have worked so hard to build.





Sep 01

Level term insurance or decreasing term insurance which one?

For many of us we will need some form of insurance during our lifetime and the cheapest form of insurance is what we call term insurance in the UK but what one should you have and why?

We will explain both types and the added extras you can have on both types of insurance policies to help ensure you have the correct one for your needs.

Firstly let’s look at level term and when it should be purchased.

Level term insurance should be purchased if you have an interest only mortgage and it should meet the amount of the mortgage and the outstanding term. This is to ensure if anything happens to you during the term the mortgage will be paid off and either left to your dependents or to your estate if you have no dependents if this is what you wanted.

Generally the second cheapest form of life insurance in the UK today but you can add extras to the policy if you wish to do so such as waiver of premium (not expensive) and will cover your premiums if you are unable to work due to accident or sickness, ask your mortgage advisor about this extra as every company is different with their exclusions and premiums.

You can also add critical illness to the level term policy which will ensure you are covered in the event of you suffering a critical illness. This can be very expensive but as 1 in 3 adults now suffer from a critical illness during their life time is well worth adding if you can afford it.

Again ask your mortgage advisor about this type of cover as many insurance companies have different conditions covered and you want to ensure you have the best cover possible if you decide to add this to your policy.

The cheapest form of insurance in the UK for death is decreasing term insurance and is for people who are on a repayment mortgage as the cover is designed to reduce in line with your mortgage. Again at the outset ensure the amount of cover and the term of the cover matches your mortgage.

Again both Waiver of premium and critical illness can be applied to this type of policy and although critical illness will still be expensive it will not be as expensive as adding it to a level term policy as the critical illness amount will automatically reduce during the term of the policy.

It is important to note that both policies have no cash in value at any time and when the policy ends there is no payment made like we used to get with an endowment policy.

You can also apply for a critical illness policy on its own if you do not wish either of the above but your mortgage advisor will discuss what is best for your needs at the time.

It is also important to review these types of policies every 2 years as premiums often reduce instead of going up as many would think and you could make substantial savings long term by reviewing your life policy.

For further information on both types of term insurance visit where you can get free quotes 24/7 365 days per year and you may be surprised how much you could save on your existing term policy.


Aug 06

Tips in Getting Cheap Whole Life Insurance Deal

Life insurance has a goal of supporting families financially even after breadwinners die. By purchasing a life insurance policy, you will be able to maintain monetary support for your dependents. You no longer have to trouble yourself with funeral costs or the like even if you pass away. Besides the death benefits, your beneficiaries will also have the gain of receiving cash value they can use in the future. It is just prudent to choose a cheap whole life insurance to avoid mishaps during your investment period. Tips can be applied to cleverly choose a low rate whole life insurance.

Get Several Quotes for Life Insurance Policies

You can obtain cheap whole life insurance only if you will have tons of options. Get several quotes from various providers to get an edge in making a sound decision. You can now use online quote tools to acquire the quotes quickly and obtain connections to reputable insurers available today. You might as well consider broker’s recommendations. A broker can present to you more than one life insurance product and even recommend you with the existing lowest rates. Never settle for a broker that provides a product without analyzing your financial situation. Move on to another if you encounter this.

Identify the Best Insurers

The best insurers are also the most ideal providers of cheap whole life insurance. Check the company’s ability to provide claims and its record of financial ability before requesting a deal. Never invest in a company that has an unpredictable growth; you will only put your money at risk with such organization.

Avoid Add-ons or Additional Insurance Policies

It is clear that you are looking for a cheap whole life insurance, but this does not imply that you have to add up other policies to reduce the cost of your life coverage. There are providers that offer child policies and educational plans to reduce your coverage amount. However, you may reconsider the option only if you need them. For instance, your child really needs support in the future. Nonetheless, take note that tons of add-ons will not put your rates at low.

Get Your Rates Low by Staying Healthy

If you do not want extra charges to the policy, you need to stop smoking for a year or inhibit the vice permanently. Best rates are offered to people who are not smoking for three or more years. Poor health exhibited by cancer, high cholesterol, or diabetes may cause you to get high charges for life insurance. The resolution to this is to get your illness under control. Never wait for serious diseases to become more severe before applying for life insurance. Also, never overlook regulating your weight for some insurers consider a healthy weight proportional to best rates.

Seek a Financial Advisor

Instead of getting help from a company of local agents, it is best to consider financial advisor in its place.  Although the advisor has personal preferences, he or she will not represent an interest of a company. It will still be the primary purpose of your assistant to get cheap whole life insurance. If you are troubled with commission and fees, you may ask the advisor beforehand.


Jul 22

Compensation Claim in Scotland – How to Make It Easy?

Filing for a compensation claim in Scotland nowadays has become faster and easier. It is because of the availability of several legal firms in the country. The majority of these firms offer services that are focused on compensation claims such as accident claims and personal injury claims. Lawyers or solicitors in Scotland are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to cases of compensation claims.

No Win, No Fee Basis

There are different lawyers in Scotland that can provide legal assistance. In fact, many law firms in the country provide a “no win, no fee” basis in their compensation claim services. This “no win, no fee” basis allows a legal representation to any claimant, without an obligation of repaying the services and other outlays if the battle is lost. However, in some cases, there are agreements between the solicitor and the client on how much percentage will the law firm get from the compensation if the case wins. On the other hand, some law firms offer a 100% compensation for their clients. Hence, it is always essential to be aware of the consequences, contracts, and other agreements before hiring a legal assistance.

Common Compensation Claims

The most common compensation claims in Scotland involve accidents and personal injury lawsuits. Scottish lawyers or solicitors have had a lot of such cases through the years. They have helped many people in claiming for compensation due to road accidents, accidents at work, medical negligence, and work-related illnesses such as asbestos diseases. They have also dealt with cases involving criminal injuries, sports injuries, and product liability. The expertise of Scottish lawyers has been developed consistently due to the increased compensation claim in Scotland.

Choosing the Right Law Firm

People who want to file for a compensation claim may have difficulties in choosing the right law firm. It is because of the abundance of law firms, lawyers, and solicitors in Scotland. Choosing an independent firm is a plus, allowing objectivity and unbiased services. It is also important to seek for a firm that does not charge their clients with their consulting services, as it is a key step in determining if such firm is trustworthy. Indeed, making a compensation claim in Scotland can be hassle-free when clients are working with the right law firm and lawyer.


Jul 07

Get Pension Review Before Committing Into an Investment

Investing for your future could be very beneficial not for your own sake, but for your family as well. Instead of worrying about financial commitments in the future, you could look for a pension option, which would prepare you to meet bills, payments, and loans even if you have to leave work. Nonetheless, you cannot commit into an investment right away without getting a pension review. Take note that many are already experiencing failure in safeguarding their investment—misselling of pension. You should inhibit this as well.

Never Be Confused About Pension Anymore

By getting a pension review, you would no longer have to suffer from underperforming investment. There are experts everywhere, which would give you an overview of your pension and let you understand returns and annual pay-outs in the simplest way possible. In addition to this, the review would give you the assistance to guarantee that your money would indeed be of great use for you in the future.

The Things You Will Understand With Pension Review

Reviewing your pension would give you means of surviving the financial commitment with ease. In addition to this, sufficient awareness of the pension policies would help you fight for your right if ever your investment becomes unsecured or frozen. Particularly, the review would consist of information on how much money you would save from the pension, what returns you would get from your chosen plan, where your investment will be placed into, what other fees are added into your pension plan, and how much you will receive in return from your investment. Most importantly, you would be able to identify if you could definitely sustain your standard of living with the pension or not.

Straightforward Advices From Experts

Aside from the fact that you would understand the pros and cons of pension, as well as its components, advices from experts would also be given to you. Qualified pension specialists would provide you pension review. They have better understanding when it comes to pension process. Although they are more acquainted with the process, this does not mean that you will not take in control of your pension. They would just assist you along the way to get an accurate picture of what you will get in return after investing to the pension policy.

Getting a Qualified Plan

Reviewing your pension would give you the opportunity to claim the best pension plan you could have for the future. This is due to the fact that you would find it easier to understand tax deferring, purchasing of other insurance policies with your pension, and getting tax credit in the long run. Just always be reminded that there are several types of pension plans that could fit your needs.

Discover More Benefits by Reviewing Your Pension Policy

You would comprehend the whole picture of pension if you will opt for pension review now. You could simply contact the friendly assistants of a certain insurance policy provider and you would start discovering more from your pension. By doing so, you no longer have to trouble yourself with unsure retirement.


Jun 17

The Advantages of Getting Cheap Whole Life Insurance

Getting your life insured is considered today as a smart way of investing not only for your future but for your family’s future as well. That is why there is no other better option than to get an insurance that will secure the ones that you love even after an unexpected accident. Among all the kinds of insurances offered today, cheap whole life insurance is considered as one of the most effective because of the excellent benefits that it provides to the holder of the said insurance.

The cheap whole life insurance secures the contract holder for the entire life. The benefits and coverage are guaranteed to go to the beneficiaries once the death of the contract holder takes place. Unlike the term life insurance, the whole life insurance has a savings component that accumulates cash value. This cash value defines the whole life insurance and differs from the other types of life insurance. This is a good way to ensure the financial stability of the beneficiaries.

What Are the Premiums?

Unlike other types of life insurance which demands higher premiums for the succeeding renewal, cheap whole life insurance has already set a specific amount of premium. The premium that the contract holder pays will never increase nor decrease. This is true as long as the holder makes sure to never miss payments and the policy does not lapse. Because as long as the policy is good, so as the cost of the premium. The best part is, there are other policies where whole life premiums get cheaper as the years go by. One of the reasons for this is the inflation which devaluate the money. That is why not because this kind of insurance is something that you have to pay for the rest of your life does not mean it is more expensive than the rest because if you will look at the benefits that it can do to you, you will realize that saving for cheap whole life insurance is a good investment.

The thing with cheap whole life insurance is the cash value that you will be able to save at the end of the long day. All the premiums that you pay increase the value of your cash. The amount that you will save depends on the amount of premiums that you are willing to pay. That is why if you want to increase the death benefit, you have to increase the amount of what you are paying. But not increasing it does not mean you will have little amount of returns in the end. Because either way, whatever amount of premiums you have decided to pay, you will still have the cash value you have earned at the end. That is right, the interest of the cash value that you may earn is very similar to a savings account.

But when can your cash value devaluate? Like any other normal investment policies, the cash value and death benefit will only start to decrease in value once you have decided to withdraw the cash value from the policy or you have decided to stop paying your premiums. That is why if you are thinking of getting a whole life insurance, you better make sure that you have the right resources and tools for financial stability. The benefits and services might be excellent and really useful, but the cost is something that you have to sustain for the rest of your life even if the premium costs only cheap and affordable.

Like any other kinds of life insurance, cheap whole life insurance is very much accessible to anyone who wants to invest and secure their future. There are so many companies online who is more than willing to help you, all you have to do is find the right one that can assist you well and will suit your situation best.


May 31

Why You Need a Mortgage Advisor and How to Find One

Why do you need a mortgage advisor? There are several reasons for this question. However, the main reason why it will make a great difference to get a mortgage advisor is because they will help you in finding the best mortgage deals that will suit you. There are different types of mortgage loans and rates and it will be a challenge for you to find the one that suits you best, especially if you only have little knowledge regarding financial terms, such as mortgages.


It is kind of tricky when finding the best mortgage advisor. If you know someone or you have strong connections, this won’t be a problem. However, if this is your first time and you don’t even know what to look for, it will surely be a challenge. What you need to make sure is that before you look for your advisor, you have to do your homework first.


Do a Careful Research


The first thing you need to do is find the top mortgage advisors in your place. It may help to look for them in local pages. However, make sure you won’t look in one place only. Make use of your resources. You can also search for them on the Internet. Make sure to check and tour their websites for information. Check out for reviews from other customers and see what they have to say. Ask for referrals from your friends and families who have experienced getting a mortgage loan. Make a list of the best mortgage advisors so you can compare them better.


Ask the Right Questions


To get as much information as you can, it’s also essential that you are able to ask the right questions. Make sure that you talk with each mortgage advisor properly. This will help you get to know them better and if they are really the man for the job. Ask them a lot of questions. You will see if they are really into the job. This will also help you see if you can have a good relationship with them. It’s a must that you hire someone who has a professional attitude and who is able to communicate properly. If something is unclear to you, don’t hesitate to ask them.


Ask for Their Credentials and Other Supporting Documents


It’s also a must that you perform a background check on each mortgage advisor. They need to be able to present you with credentials and other supporting documents that will prove that they licensed and that they are working legally. Their credentials will also show how they have been working ever since they started the business. Check their reputation and if they’ve had problems with previous clients or if they have pending legal cases. Get to know each one of them as much as possible.


It’s quite clear that it’s complicated to hire the best person to work with you. However, you have to do everything properly because it will only be you if hire the wrong people. If you follow this simple guide, you can be assured that you will get the best mortgage advisor.


May 09

Buy Term Life Insurance Online for More Convenience

The world has become much wiser and much more convenient for all of us. It is all thanks to the advanced technology. Now, we can almost do everything online – from watching our favorite television shows up to purchasing our clothes. Now, we can even buy term life insurance online. Do you want to know how to purchase it through the internet? Well, you better continue reading this article.


What Is a Term Life Insurance?


Before we proceed to the discussion of purchasing term life insurance online, it is a must to tackle what a term life insurance is. A term life insurance is a kind of insurance that does not last forever. This means that you will only be covered by the life insurance for a certain span of time. The period on how long you are going to be covered by the term life insurance depends on your choice. You will be presented with the different kinds of term life insurance. Some may last ten, twenty or even thirty-year term life insurance.


Term Life Versus Permanent Insurance


Many people only know what permanent insurance, but are not familiar with the term life insurance. Both kinds of insurance are good enough. The best one for you depends on what you need and what you want. Both have advantages from one another. The advantage of the term life insurance over the permanent insurance is that it is much more affordable and much more flexible. This kind of insurance is recommended to those people who want to get insurance, but can’t afford the price of permanent life insurance.


How to Buy Term Life Insurance Online?


There is no doubt that one can definitely buy term life insurance online. The question is “How?” Well, all you have to do is to browse the internet. However, always remember that never ever settle with the first insurance company you found online. It is more than just necessary to scout more than one insurance company and compare their prices and what they offer.


The best way to compare insurance being sold by different companies is to get free term life insurance quotations from different insurance companies. After gathering quotations, all you have to do is to compare and choose the best deal offered by a certain insurance company. After choosing a certain term life insurance, you can already buy term life insurance online. All you have to do is to go to the company’s website’s “Contact Us” page.


You can also buy term life insurance online by simply sending an email to the insurance company of your choice. It is rest assured that they will respond as soon as possible. They will definitely contact you for further information and for a brief orientation regarding the kind of term life insurance of your choice. Through the advanced technology, purchasing insurance is much easier and much more convenient to do. No wonder why many people are now very eager to buy insurance for themselves and for their loved ones.


Apr 10

Santander Mortgage: Catering Both First Time and Existing Buyers

Whether you are a first time buyer or existing buyer, the Santander Mortgage is more than just willing to assist you in your mortgage needs. If you do not know what this company can offer, then this article is definitely the perfect one to read. It will discuss about the deal that the company offers to borrowers. Aside from that, it will also be discussed why it is one of the best mortgage companies in the country. So, read the article and be aware of what they can give you.


Why Santander Mortgage Is In the List of the Best Mortgage Companies?


There are so many mortgage companies in the whole world. However, only a few of these companies are listed as one of the best mortgage companies across the globe. The Santander Mortgage is one of these. What makes it the best?


The best thing about this mortgage company is that it is guaranteed that you are in the safest hands. This company has been operating for more or less 160 years already. So far, the feedback of the borrowers and clients are all good. The satisfaction of their clients is one of the best proofs that can indicate how well this company is when it comes to mortgage dealing.


What Can They Do For First Time Buyer?


If it is your first time to buy a home, then you are very lucky that you fond the Santander Mortgage company. This company provides complete information to the first time buyers so they will be able to understand the flow of the mortgage loan perfectly. This will also let the borrower know their responsibilities and the possible things that might happen if they won’t be able to take their responsibilities seriously. Before are the things that the mortgage company can offer for the first time buyers:


1.)    Moving home

2.)    Buying the client’s first home ever

3.)    Remortgaging to the company


To serve the clients better, the company made it sure to provide free calculator tool. This will help individuals to determine easily how much money they can borrow from the company. The result or answer is immediately shown. There is no need for an hour to wait for the assessment. A few minutes is enough to determine how much the company will lend you.


What Can They Do for Existing Buyers?


Do now worry. The Santander Mortgage company does not only cater to first time buyers. They also cater the needs of those who are existing members. The things enumerated below are the things that they can do for the existing buyers.


1.)    Moving into their brand new home

2.)    Transferring to a completely different deal

3.)    Borrowing additional money


If you are in need of any of the above, then it is best to work with this mortgage company. If you are hesitant about their interest rates and other fees, then you are free to search the internet and compare the interest rates and monthly dues you are obliged to pay every month after signing that mortgage loan contract.


Feb 04

Insuring Your Valuables

Many people think that there valuable possessions such as expensive art or jewellery is covered as part of their contents insurance and this is not the case for most of us so here is what you need to do to ensure your valuables are covered.

Firstly make sure you have a recent valuation of the item and then either check your policy or contact your current insurer and ask them specifically if your item is covered if it is great if not then you need to shop about for a quote to ensure your items are covered.

You need to get the item insured for the valuation placed on the item and this can be expensive especially if you cover the item for being lost while outside which is often the case with jewellery.

Most contents insurance policies have limits on individual items and other clauses which can leave you very disappointed if you have to make a claim and this is the reason you need to ensure that these valuables are covered separate or are specifically included in your policy.

Make sure your valuation is acceptable by the insurance company otherwise you could also end up with issues with them if you have to make a claim.

Insuring your valuables should be done correctly and everything should be disclosed to the insurance company and in writing so as to avoid any disputes if a claim arises as more and more insurance companies are looking for loopholes and excuses not to pay out on valid claims.

If you have a current valuation and put all the details in writing to the insurance company then this should help reduce any disputes in the event of a claim.

Make sure your valuables are safe and properly protected at all times and follow these simple steps to help protect them.